São Bernardo do Campo - san Paolo - Brasile

São Bernardo do Campo

Rua Julio Piatto, 41 - Jardim Marrocos

São Bernardo do Campo community

Irmãs "Filhas de São Francisco de Sales"
Rua Julio Piatto,41 - Jardim Marrocos -
CEP 09771-350 São Bernardo Do Campo
(São Paulo) Brasil

São Bernardo Community

Since 1980 our community has been present in Brazil through the project "Sister Churches" involving the diocese of Imola and the diocese of Santo Andrè. Since it was meant to be a sign of the whole diocesan community of Imola in Brazil, 3 "fidei donum" priests and 5 sisters of the 5 religious congregations born in the diocese of Imola were sent. Sister Innocenza Turchi was sent for our Congregation. Gradually, each congregation opened its own community by sending other sisters.

Our community, in particular, takes care of the celebration of the Word in the various chapels to make up for the lack of priests for the celebration of the Eucharist. They take care of catechesis and moments of prayer, regularly visit families and run the "Santa Rita" project: an after-school program that provides children with snacks, lunch and school support as well as offering various recreational activities.

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