Kakamas - Sud Africa

comunità di Kakamas - Casa "San Giuseppe"

Voortrekker 17 P.O. Box 55 CP - 8870 Kakamas

community of Kakamas - St. Joseph's Convent

Daughters of St. Francis de Sales
St. Joseph's Convent
Voortrekker 17
P.O. Box 55
Kakamas 8870 (Sud africa)

Kakamas community

The Daughters of St. Francis de Sales, South Africa, began their first missionary activities in the year 1972 at Kamieskroon, with our first Italian missionaries – Sr. Maura Fornasier, Sr. Franca Roverelli and Sr. Aureliana Zaccheroni. Staying in the house of the Parish they were taking care of the children in the hostel and were active in the parish ministry of catechesis, family visits and prayers... In 1974 Sr. Giacomina Gualtieri, Sr. Agnese Giordani and Sr. Salesia Canali joined the mission. Though hey

opened other missions at Augrabies (teaching in the school and parish ministry) and in Cape Town (formation house), are closed now.

In 1974 the present mission at Kakamas, St. Joseph’s Convent, was opened and were engaged very much in pastoral activities, care of the sick and the aged and giving vocational training to girls.

In 1993 with the initiative of Sr. Agnese “Guardian Angel Nursery School” was opened, knowing the painful situation of the locality, for the unwanted and abandoned children. Children from 6 months to 6 years get care and concern, educational training, love, and meals in our school. Now around 300 children get care in our institution. Other than caring children in the school, sisters in the mission continue the services of Catechesis, co-ordinating and conducting training programmes, preparing children for sacraments, family visits and family prayers and charitable activities.

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