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De Sales Nilaya - Provicial House

Bangalore, Electronics City P.O. 560100

Provincial House

"De Sales Nilaya"
Provincial House
Electronics City
P.O. 560100 Bangalore

Provincial House

The long awaited dream of our sisters to have an administrative office in Bangalore for the Indian Delegation has come true on 25th April 1998 when Sales Nilaya was blessed by the provincial of the South West province of the MSFS, Rev. Fr. Thomas Cherukkat.

             The purpose of this house was to have an administrative center for the Indian Delegation. The Delegate Superior and her council along with the young sisters in formation were residing in this house.  It was an urgent need to have a special house with a big chapel to celebrate the first and final professions, to conduct annual retreats and various gatherings of our sisters. Therefore considering all these needs the congregation decided to build a new house and Sr. Corrada Magnani, the Delegate Superior took enormous struggles and initiatives to make this centre a reality by 1998.

             In 2010, when Indian delegation became a province “De Sales Nilaya” turned into the Provincial House, the centre of all other Indian communities. The house provides a serene and prayerful atmosphere for all and conducts daily Eucharistic Adoration for the various intentions of the Congregation. The sisters of De Sales Nilaya collaborate in all the pastoral activities of the St. Francis de Sales Church, Hebbagodi, and are involved in various activities such as visiting families in different villages, conduct prayer services, and teach catechism

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