Eluru - school

"Daughters of St. Francis de Sales" - school

Ashok Nagar, Eluru, P.O. 534002 West Godawari Dt. - Andhra Pradesh

"Daughters of St. Francis de Sales" - school - Eluru

"Daughters of St. Francis de Sales"
Eluru P.O. 534002
West Godawari
Andhra Pradesh

Eluru Community - School

Brief description of the community:

This community is opened in the year 1989. The main activity is running Diocesan English medium High School for imparting knowledge in the poor pupils in an around Eluru especially for the rural ones. This institute started as a challenging response to the overwhelming demands from dedicated parents who wanted their children to be educated in a catholic institute, where most of them are non Catholics and non Christians.

The other apostolates are youth ministry, parish ministry, village activities and family apostolate.

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