"DSFS Convent" C/O Holy Rosary Church Godholi

Godholi, Alnavar P.O. 591301, Khanapur Taluk Belgaum Dt. - Karnataka, India
"DSFS Convent" Holy Rosary Church
Godholi, Alnavar P.O. 591301,
Khanapur Taluk Belgaum Dt.
Karnataka, India


Godholi is a small village located in Khanapur Taluk in the district of Belgaum, Karnataka state. It is under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Belgaum. A constant invitation from Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Bishop of Belgaum, made us come to this Diocese and on his invitation we just opened a centre in Godholi. We met Rev. Fr. Peter D’Souza, the Parish Priest; he explained to us the situation of the village and missionary need of the time. He told us to give Jesus to the people through our life witness. As per Bishop’s and Parish Priest’s invitation, since April 2017 now we are in Godholi.

            Godholi is a backward and under-developed area. People are very poor. They are God fearing and loveable.  Some of them have land of their own but others work as laborers in neighbors fields. Their cultivation depends upon conditions of the monsoons. They usually grow sugarcane, rice and cotton. Most of them are illiterate. There are 60 Catholic families and around 800 Hindu and Muslim families. The best part of it is that they all live in peace and harmony. Since we do not have a house of our own we reside with one Hindu family.

            As we started our mission, we visited all the families irrespective of their caste, religion and creed. We patiently listened to their problems. When needed we give first-aid, we take in the evening tuition for students in the Parish hall, we help the Parish Priest in all the pastoral activities especially in teaching catechism and house visiting. Sr Emilia is teaching in the Diocesan school at Alnavar.

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