"De Sales Convent"

Laii Village, Tadubi P.O.,Senapati District, Manipur, 795104 - India
"De Sales Convent"
Laii Village, Tadubi P.O.,
Senapati District,
Manipur, 795104 - India

Laii Community

Rev. Sr Celine Kunnel, the provincial of D.S.F.S in Indian province and her team desired for starting a new mission centre in Arch -diocese of Imphal, aiming at promoting vocation to our congregation and also serving the missionary zeal for poor and needy. The Arch -diocese of Imphal invited D.S.F.S to formally establish a community at the mission centre Laii, in order to share the task and the responsibility of carrying forward the church mission in the Arch- diocese .The mission centre entrusted to the sisters embrace the catechetical, Liturgical, Social, Educational  Apostolate .

                The official Inauguration and blessing of our convent was on 4 the February 2019 with a Holy Mass by the very presence of our Chancellor Rev. Fr. Solomon, Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Bonio and Parish community. The present Community Members are Sr. Leena Mylackal, Sr. Gincy Palackal and Sr. Christina Chajuo.


  1. EDUCATION; Our sisters are working in the diocesan school. We have classes from classes L.K.G. TO VIII. The sisters are supporting the Principal in Administrative and Disciplinary matters of the school We are also rendering services to curricular and co- curricular activities ,helping him to take admissions fee collection and other office works In a society like ours with big families, Education is luxury for many and boys get better opportunities than girls so, the sisters are contributing in every way to education of girls by sponsoring the education for the girls in our school from poor financial family back ground. We give free tuition to the weak students after the working hours.
  2. The sisters support the priests preparing the people for sacramental life such as Baptism Confirmation Holy communion etc. Also, sisters help to make the liturgical celebration meaningful and beneficial to the participating people.
  3. Family visits and tour; sisters are frequently visiting the families especially when people are sick and needy. We also visit the sub -stations with priest or catechist.
  4. Social activities; The sisters support the priest suitable apostolate for students, man, women of parish in promoting social values like peace harmony etc
  5. Promoting vocation; whenever there are possibilities to visit the neighbouring parishes and schools we visiting there to promote vocation among the young girls.

 In short through this remote are mission we could really taste a pinch of our founder’s struggle in starting the Little House of St. Joseph. This in turn increased our love for our founder in every way. Thanks to God Almighty.

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