"Daughters of St. Francis de Sales" - "Maria Nilaya"

Siju South Garo Hills 794114 - Meghalaya, India
"Daughters of St. Francis de Sales" - "Maria Nilaya"
Siju South Garo Hills 794114
Meghalaya - India


Our community in Siju started in the year 1999 on February 1st intending to work in the parish in collaboration with MSFS Fathers.  In the beginning, there were two sisters. Sr. Marykuty and Sr.Mini Pellissery.  Since there was no proper school in this village MSFS fathers have already began a school and our sisters joined to teach in the mission school. Siju is one of the remotest areas of Tura dioceses in Meghalaya.

            Siju Parish is vast and the villages are far from here. In order to help the children from those villages, Parish has decided to start a hostel for boys and girls.  Our community building was also constructed with the purpose of the hostel and we started to accommodate the girls. The name of ours is known as Santa Maria Girls Home Siju. Beginning there were very few children. Year by year children increased and at present, we have 47 girls in our hostel. Now we have extended our hostel. Some of our hostellers are working as nurses and teachers.

            Since our parish is in a remote area, it was an argent need to take care of the sick. Considering that we started dispensary in our house. It was a great help for the people of this locality. Now at present Public Health Center (PHC) of Siju has become under the NGO of our diocese. Two of our sisters are working in the PHC and we closed our dispensary.

      We do go for touring the villages, House visiting, Prayer meeting, Visiting the sick. All the Parish activities like Youth ministry, Marian Solidarity, St. Joseph Solidarity, Teaching Catechism for children and the adult etc 

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