"Daughters of St. Francis de sales"

Attili P.O. 534134 West Godovari Dt. - Andhra Pradesh, India
"Daughters of St. Francis de sales"
Attili P.O. 534134 West Godovari Dt.
Andhra Pradesh - India

Attili community

I would like to give a short description about Attili, it is a rural village, in the west Godavari District, in Andhra Pradesh. We established the convent here in Attili in 1986 and were working in collaboration with the MSFS Fathers, under the SFS Parish Church. When they completed ten years of their contract with the Diocese of Eluru, it was taken over by the Diocese. And they rebuilt the church and renamed as “Assumption Church’. At present we are working with the diocesan priests.

Our mission is to enable the poor and distressed in pursuit of their human dignity through evangelization and education.

There are 11 villages under our Parish. We go for house visiting, teaching Catechism, hymns and prayers, preparing the faithful for sacraments such as baptism, confirmation, and marriages etc. All our sisters are actively involved in it. The catechists are appointed in each village to assist the Parish Priest. In our Parish also we are engaged to do the same.

We do conduct camps for Children and youth from our villages to be strong in their faith and to promote vocation.

The needs of the time demanded and we were compelled, to open primary and higher classes. Our first batch students of Xth class appeared for the public exam in the year 1996.At present we have 1200 students and 60 staff including teaching and non-teaching.

At present we are 9 in the community. Our residence of 1986 was not sufficient for our accommodation.  Therefore, we converted it fully for school purpose. We constructed a new building as our residence and it was inaugurated in the year 2017. And a ‘Marymatha tower’ was erected put up at the entrance of the compound. It is n attraction of  all those who pass by.

We gratefully thank and pray to our Venerable Founder Father Carlo Cavina for our birth in Italy and transplantation in Attili.

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