"St. Francis de Sales House"

Vizhinjam P.O. 695521 Thriruvananthapuram Dt. - Kerala, India
"St. Francis de Sales House"
Vizhinjam P.O. 695521
Thriruvananthapuram Dt.
Kerala - India

Vizhinjam community

1975, marks the birth of DSFS in the Indian soil. The long-cherished dream of our founder venerable Fr. Carlo Cavina has been realized by opening the first house named as DSFS in Kerala at Vizhinjam. Since its inception this house remained as a milestone in the congregation. The humble beginning of it was witnessed by opening many more communities in Kerala as well as various parts of India. In the beginning, this house has served as an initial formation house. Also, the members in the community were zealously engaged in Parish ministry such as house visiting, catechism, Mother-Child health welfare programs, tailoring classes for poor girls, nursery school, etc.

At present, our apostolic activities here are educating the children and youth. Our School (SFS LP SCHOOL) here concentrates on the Lower Primary section. Students of classes from 5 to plus 2 are admitted at SFS SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL. A hostel for girls (poor as well as working women) ensures the safety, education, and upliftment of women. Along with educating the children, we get involved in several other parish ministries like youth ministry, teaching catechism, visiting the sick, animating groups for Mothers (Mathru Jyothis), and Fathers (Prithruvethi), House visit, etc.

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