Kongregation der Franziskanerinner

Vom Göttlichen Herzen Jesu KdöR, Bahnhofstr. 10 77723 Gengenbach, Germany
Kongregation del Franziskanerinnen
Vom Göttlichen Herzen Jesu KdöR
Bahnhofstr. 10 77723 Gengenbach

Gengenbach community

The mission of our beloved Congregation ``Daughters of St. Francis de Sales`` settled in Germany on 11 August 2018. Here we are closely united with the German Congregation, ``Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus``.
We live in their Motherhouse, which is located in a place called Gengenbach, in the Diocese of Freiburg. Here we are three sisters and we look after the elderly sisters of the above mentioned Congregation: with our work we support the missions of our Congregation financially; we participate in the community life of the sisters such as prayers, mass and meals.

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