Castel Bolognese (RA)

Casa "Don Cavina"

via Garavini, 24

founder's house

Suore "Figlie di san Francesco di Sales"
via Garavini, 24
48014 Castel Bolognese (RA)

At the Founder's Home

The "daughters of St. Francis of sales" came to be part of the community of Castel Bolognese, the birthplace of the Founder, on November 4, 2016. On November 28, the house was inaugurated with a blessing by the then Bishop of Imola Tommaso Ghirelli.
Being in Castel Bolognese in this large parish community of almost 10 thousand inhabitants is a concrete joy that is realized every day in the apostolate that the sisters carry out with children, young people and the elderly. The first sisters of the new community are: Sr. Emy Formacil (Filipino), Sr. Giovanna Morittu (Italian) and Sr. Anna Maria Dung Dung (Indian). In 2018 Sr. Giovanna was transferred to Lugo (RA) and Sr. Emy to Città di Castello (PG), in September 2020. The sisters got along well and felt immediately at home, supported by the community and the parish priest Fr. Marco Bassi.
In the four years of presence of the FSFS in Castel Bolognese, there are two most significant events for the whole Congregation that are celebrated in the parish church of S. Petronio: first: the declaration of "venerability" of the former servant of God Fr. Carlo Cavina on April 6, 2019; for this occasion the new bishop Giovanni Mosciatti will bless the effigy of the Founder -which bears in the background his birthplace and the parish of S. Petronio-, and is placed in the Altar of the Missionaries in the September 27, 2019; second: the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Founder's birth which was August 29, 1820, crowned by the Eucharistic concelebration presided over by Bishop Francesco Cavina on September 19, 2020. Both events found active participation by parishioners.

The Sisters continue to be those persons and sisters who desire only the good of all and each member of the community of Castellana by forming a family with them. We ask the Lord to bless and protect this community. May Mary, Mother of the Church, always be the support and strength for all. We wish everyone all the best!

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